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VISA and Covid19 Guide
What is a 'Safe and Secure' Level 1 hotel?

The 'Safe and Secure' certification is awarded to the hotels (Hotel Refresh Blue) by Sri Lanka Tourist Development Authority (SLTDA) and establishments that have met all COVID-19 Health Protocols and are committed to maintaining the highest health and safety standards at all times.

Who are 'Fully Vaccinated' travellers?

Travellers who have received two doses of WHO approved COVID-19 vaccine.

Who are 'Not-- Vaccinated / Not-- Fully Vaccinated' travellers?
  1. Travellers who have not received COVID-19 vaccination, nor completed the recommended doses of vaccination (not-fully vaccinated) and/or departed from abroad within less than 2 weeks of completion of recommended doses of vaccination will be considered as not-vaccinated or not-fully-vaccinated travellers.